Our Story Continues...

When I went looking for something with a little more coverage around the lower bottom, I found mostly black legging types or more of a triathlon type suit. Nothing really stood out that was fashionable and stylish with coverage.

I love bright, fun, and bold colors and wanted a swimsuit that displayed more of my personality. And most of my research showed, that most women like colorful bathing suits that they feel good in. So one day I sketched a swimsuit that I sort of envisioned. Then sketched another and another. Talking with other women in class and a little research, I found that there were hundreds of women that could not find the type of swimsuit I was looking for. Women wanted a nice, fashionable swimsuit that had more coverage from the thigh area to the knee.  With that said, the “Knee-Kini” was born.

Who is, what is or why the name “Virginia Dere”, I’m so glad you asked.

When I was growing up, my brothers and I learned to swim at a very young age. We took swimming lessons in our local park, swim classes in school and my mom took us to the beach quite often. We use to go to our local beach and vacation in Cape Cod a lot. The water there was breathtaking. At the beach, my mom would spread out our blanket, our lunches and would sit and watch us have the time of our lives.

Occasionally, she would come in and just get her feet wet. She would lift her dress just enough to splash her feet around. What I didn’t know until I was much older, my mom never learned to swim. I thought, “that couldn’t be true”, but it was. I never knew my mom couldn’t swim. I also found out as an adult that there were many people that could not swim.  I felt so humbled by how my mom made sure we had those experiences. She made sure we learned to swim at an early age. She took us on beautiful vacations and afforded us the opportunity to experience beautiful bodies of water. She gave us opportunities that I guess I just assumed she had, but she never did.


I and the Virginia Dere company would love for all women, if they so desire, to enjoy swimming. We want women to not have to forfeit style, fashion, and bright colors just because they may desire more modest coverage. So ladies, you now have a choice in modest fun swimwear! You now have available to you, “Fashionable coverage with just a little more Leverage”. Now you just have to decide where you’re going to wear your “Knee-Kini”.


“Thank you Virginia Dere, for such a selfless and beautiful childhood”.

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